professional resume
This is me. I'm not really blue (unlike this guy).

It's been a very, very, VERY long time since I spent any time updating - I've been spending all of my time tending Fotolog and my baby girl Mia, and all of my personal blogging has been through my Foodlog at Fotolog.

Oh. And one weekend I was bored and created
This is where I grew up. My house is the one with the white car in the driveway, just south of the round water tower which is just south of the square-ish resevoir. We used to throw rocks at the water tower and it made a really cool noise like a laser cannon. I'm pretty sure they wondered why they needed to paint that tower twice as frequently as any of their other towers.
This is my name in barcode.
This is my left shoulder. It's weird that kids today don't have this mark.
This is who I'm lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with.
This is me on the cover of some Japanese magazine. I don't know - maybe there were doing a story on guys who only own one tie or something.