December 25, 2003- Christmas        
    It was Emma's first Christmas - so guess what that means? Somehow I manged to take zero pictures of me or Dad.      
    December 17-24, 2003- Honeymoon in Costa Rica        

Lots of great pix here:

1. Arenal

2. Monte Verde

3. Manuel Antonio

    December 12, 2003- Tricia and Miyuki's Wedding        
    A pretty cool combo Japanese/Korean/Hawaiian wedding down in Baltimore. An interesting start to our honeymoon.      
    October 25 , 2003- Ray and Emily's Wedding        
    Ray's a pretty unusual guy, so it makes sense that the pix from his wedding are all a little strange too.      
    September 28, 2003- Emma checks out my new tattoo        

First, Emma takes a look at my new tattoo.

Then, she decides it looks an awful lot like her favorite food :)

    August 2, 2003- Shark Fishing In Montauk        
    Captain Chris took us out on the Free Spirit for a great day of Shark fishing. We caught a 140 pound mako!      
    August 16, 2003- Andy & Jen's Wedding        
    A lovely weekend in Woodstock and Quechee Vermont making sure Andy and Jen got hitched.      
    July 19 & 20, 2003- Montauk Weekend        
    Great weekend in Montauk - including a boat trip out to Block Island.      
    April 11-13, 2003- Molinsky Bachelor Party        
    What happens when a bunch of soft guys spend the weekend in Boston and Cape Cod sending another buddy off to the halls of matrimony?      
    March 29, 2003- Visiting Emma (and Eric and Julie)        
    What can you say. We love Emma.      
    March 24, 2003- Eric's Birthday        
    Some really interesting exposures in this bunch.      
    March 1-2, 2003- Visiting Gretchen and Alan in Seattle        
    Hangin with Gretch and Alan, including a road trip up to the Whistling Oyster and Fort Worden.      
    February 16 & 17, 2003 - The Big Blizzard        
    Yup. We got a lot of snow. About 2 feet. Lots of fun to be in NYC when there's so much snow.      
    February 9, 2003 - Brunch with Emma        
    Brunch with our favorite baby.      
    January 20, 2003 - An Evening With Emma        
    We head up to Larchmont to spend a lovely evening with Emma (and Eric and Julie).      
    January 7, 2003 - Carrie in Seattle with Gretchen and Alan        
    Carrie leaves the slushy city to be in the rainy city for the weekend with Gretchen and Alan.      
    January 3, 2003 - Aunt Carrie gets to see baby Emma        
    Carrie finally gets to hold the baby.      
    January 2, 2003 - I'm An Uncle!        
    Julie and Eric gave birth to the beautiful little Emma Rose today. She came in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces and looks really "done" for a newborn. Lots and lots of photos for you to check out - the first of millions more to come, I'm sure.