December 26, 2002 - Dad's Birthday        
    A very special birthday gift. And then dinner in Larchmont with Eric and Julie.      
    December 25, 2002 - Christmas Day        
    Christmas Day at home with Mom, Dad, Carrie, Eric and Julie, followed by the annual party at Aunt Joan's house, including special guest appearance by Randi. And 8 inches of snow.      
    December 24, 2002 - Christmas Eve        
    Christmas Eve dinner at Mom and Dad's house with Chip, Joan and Kris, followed by church and cheesy Christmas decorations.      
    December 19, 2002 - Vindigo Holiday Party        
    The 2002 Vindigo holiday party at Dorsia (named after the too-cool restaurant in American Psycho), complete with glowing catwalk.      
    November 28, 2002 - Thanksgiving in Carversville        
    Great Thanksgiving feast with Carrie, Mom, Dad, Linda, Arnie, Samantha, Rich and Andrew down at the Linda and Arnie's great old mill house in Carversville, PA.      
    November 10, 2002 - Baby Nolan        
    Went to "see the baby." Nolan Hopkins Bansal is really cute and pretty alert for a new guy.   baby Nolan    
    November 3, 2002 - The Planetarium        
    A great day at the new-ish Rose Center with Carrie. The new planetarium show, hosted by Harrison Ford, was fun - a really nice use of dome space to create other visual illusions, other than just lots of stars in the sky.   Planetarium shot    
    October 31, 2002 - Halloween        
    Carrie and I and Carrie's little sister Danielle handed out candy to the neighborhood kids... LOTS of neighborhood kids. Went through over 300 pieces in about 20 minutes.   Halloween shot    
    October 18-23, 2002 - Seattle        
    A quick trip to Seattle to visit Gretchen and so Carrie could be a booth bunny at the Gastroenterology Conference. Lots of great shots from the plane, coming and going. No shots from the Boeing factory tour though because they're security freaks... like I'm going to steal trade secrets and build my own 747's.      
    September 14, 2002 - *The* Wedding        
    Just in case you hadn't heard (or seen any of the 10,000 photos) yet, Carrie and I got married this year on the beach in Amagansett.      
    September 1, 2002 - Libby and Brian's Wedding        
    Cousins Libby and Brian try to steal our thunder by getting married 2 weeks before us down on a beautiful farm in West Virginia. It turns out they did steal it (it rained), but it was a great weekend.      
    August 25, 2002 - Carrie's Bridal Shower        
    You know you're a wuss when your fiance has more half-naked chicks dancing around at her shower than you do at your bachellor party.      
    August 24, 2002 - My Bachellor Party        
    Great day at Yankee stadium (we were even sitting under the overhang and didn't get rained on) and a ridiculous feast at Virgil's BBQ afterwards.      
    April 11, 2002 - Nanny's Funeral        
    A really nice day with the Pollins, Richmans and Himelfarbs, tracing back the family tree. Also, the first time I got to meet Carrie's brother Steven.